To learn more about Silverway please see our whitepaper
The SLV token
SLV is an ERC-20 token
The customers can use SLV to pay all
types of fees and payments on the
  1. Transaction fees
  2. Proof of intention payments
  3. Subscription fees
  4. Fees for other services upcoming on the platform (see the whitepaper)
When the customers use SLV to pay
for fees and service payments, they will get significant
  • Year 1: 50%
  • Year 2: 28%
  • Year 3: 14%
  • Year 4: 5.5%
  • Year 5 and further: 5%
The SWAY token
After each redemption of the token, the smart contract burns a fixed percentage of the redeemed sum, while the rest is passed on to Silverway. This mechanism ensures that token value is dependent on the platform’s usage
The SLV token distribution
Ticker SLV
Smart contract
Total supply 1000 M SLV (fixed hard cap, no future minting)
Team 25% 250 M SLV Vested over 2 years 1
Business development 45% 450 M SLV Vested over 2 years 2
Reserve and contingency 20% 200 M SLV 2 years lock 3
Early investors 10% 100 M SLV Vested over 6 months 4
1. 12m cliff, after that - linear unlock of tokens by 24th month since the listing;
2. 5% of tokens to be unlocked in 1st month, 24% - linear unlock from the 5th month to the 12th month, after that - linear unlock of the remaining tokens by 24th month since the listing;
3. 100% unlocked in case of contigency;
4. 3% of tokens to be listed, 2% - to be unlocked in the 1st month, 5% - to be unlocked in the 5th and 6th months.
Project launch
4Q 2018
OTC marketplace Launch
Silverway token listing
2Q 2019
Partnerships with the leading
security token and crypto
derivative exchanges
1Q 2019
MVP Launch
4Q 2019
Partnerships with
Market makers
Crypto lending services providers
OTC Brokers
New projects and Dapps looking for